About the Author

Steve started beekeeping as a hobby in 2012. The first three years were challenging but fun, and he soon became obsessed. He read many beekeeping books, attended association gatherings, passed the odd exam and talked to beekeepers who seemed to know what they were doing.

After selling a business that he had owned and run with his wife for a decade, Steve was free to do as he pleased, unencumbered by the need to work. He used this freedom to spend time with his beekeeping heroes around the world.

Interviews with Beekeepers is the book that Steve wanted to read but couldn't find anywhere. It is a series of in-depth conversations with people who know about honeybees through decades of commercial experience.

Steve is known as "Walrus" in beekeeping circles and writes a popular blog. He has recently set up Walrus Honey to sell his queens, nucleus colonies and honey on a small scale.